About Me

Hi, I write something here to fulfill what I have written that titikkosong.net will tell you who I am.

Kavylla Devy
Kavylla Devy

Well, I’ll start with a little description of myself and continue with the things I like.

My name is Devy Rachma, but I often use the pen name as Kavylla Devy. You can call me Vy, Kev, Kavy, Devy, or Rachma.

I was studying Indonesian Language and Literature in university, focused on Linguistics and had Journalism extra.

I have experience as a content writer. I used to work freelance in an online media. For me to serve others is a beautiful way of life. Therefore, I build and continue to develop this website. Writing is one of my ways to share something with others.

Hobbies? Hmm. I like watching football match. AC Milan and Beşiktaş are my favorite football clubs. Moreover, I also like writing, watching movies (romantic, drama, & action), and listening to music.

Coffee is my addiction. I love it with all my life. 😀

Turkey is always be my dream country. I love many things from that country. I love the people, the places, the foods, the language, and the football.

Language exchange? I can help you with “Bahasa Indonesia”, and of course we can practice English together. I also want to learn Turkish and German, so, I think I need your help for that. :p

Thank you. 🙂

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